Advantages of Selling to a Professional Phoenix Homebuyer Company

People sell their properties to homebuyer companies for many reasons. Some own unsightly properties they can’t sell the conventional way. Others are bogged down by impending foreclosures or liens. Whatever a person’s situation, a professional homebuyer company can help him or her. Here’s how.

Quick Sale

Professional cash home buyers in Phoenix will usually extend offers to homeowners within 24 or 48 hours if they like their houses. Subsequently, the actual sales can take place as soon as seven to 10 days later. However, sellers will get all of the latitude they need to sell their homes and move out of the properties.

Handles All Repairs

Many professional home buyers in Phoenix purchase homes, remodel them and then sell them for large profits. Therefore, they can either handle the repairs themselves or hire contractors to complete the work. In some cases, the buying company may also deduct the repair expenses from the final offer price of the property.

Closing Costs Paid

The best professional home buyers in Phoenix will usually pay closing costs for clients. Therefore, if an individual sells a $200,000 home to one of these buyers, he or she will save $7,000 if closing costs are 3.5%.

Most reputable Phoenix house-buying establishments will pay cash for properties. This is money people can use for any purpose they desire.

Clients can always count on Viking Real Estate Investments for excellent service and fair offer prices on properties, and interested parties can contact a representative by visiting their website.

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    Author: Ruby Powell

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