Millennials Have Reshaped The Working And Living World As We Know It. Here’s How They Do It

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Real Estate

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Millennials have stepped forward as the most populous generation after Baby Boomers. These young people have definite plans for the working, living, and playing aspects of their lives. They are a practical people. They prefer to live, work, dine, and play in the same building. If they can’t, they want walkability to places to meet their friends. Such a walkable lifestyle can be found in townhomes for sale Jacksonville In FL.

Millennials Are Shaping Businesses

It wasn’t long ago that coffee breaks were taken down the hall in the lunch room. Today’s offices have pits with couches, chairs, and tables much like a home in which Millennials enjoy their coffee and trade business ideas. Businesses offer bistros or specialty restaurants now instead of the old-fashioned lunch room. Many feature gyms. Outdoor work spaces are a big draw to Millennials to enjoy the stimulus of fresh air and sunshine in nurturing ideas.

Millennials Are Flocking To Multi-Use Buildings

Millennials came to age in the society that developed on-demand. Millennials demand the things they want and get them. They rent an AirBnB for a time, rent clothing for special events, and even rent a car whenever they need one. Why not rent an apartment in a multi-use building with their favorite food four floors down, the gym two floors down, and their job six floors down?

Convenience and ease of living is the name of the Millennial game. They invented most of the smart technology in use today, so they expect townhomes for sale Jacksonville FL and jobs to be smart. When they can find this in multi-use buildings, Millennials feel they’ve arrived.

Millennials Combine The Two With Walkability

The parents of Millennials drove to their destinations. Millennials walk. It’s green and it’s healthy. Surround the two with a pond or lake, a pretty park, and plenty of sunshine, and you have a walkable property only Southside Quarter can bring Millennials.