Reach the Top with a Penthouse Residence

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Real Estate

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Nothing says you’ve reached the pinnacle of success like owning a penthouse condo. Of course there are different styles and designs for penthouses. When you want to live the luxurious lifestyle you need to find Dallas penthouses for sale. A penthouse is located at the top of a high rise building and tends to be much larger than just a luxury condo. Some even have up to 7500 square feet with an open living space and views that are known to be some of the best in the city. You literally will have a view that you can boast about.

Work, Entertain, and Live within Sophistication

If you work from home then living in a penthouse is a great way to spend your work day. If you need a break you can simply step away and venture to a spa located within the same building. Maybe you need to work off some tension, then you can access a fully-function gym with all of the equipment you require to get a great work out. Entertaining just does not get any better than when you invite guests over for dinner in your penthouse too. It is the premier location with an expansive kitchen area and a bar that will have your guests socializing at a comfortable level. When the engagement is over you can retire to your dressing room to undress and get ready to soak in the tub in the master bathroom. Perhaps you want a breath of fresh air. The terraces that surround penthouses are simply gorgeous and give you the opportunity to view the city from a spectacular position.

Urban Style and Sleek Architecture Combine to Create Magnificent Penthouses

When you are ready to purchase a luxurious penthouse you may have choices to make concerning the décor and interior finishes. While the penthouse retains the feel of a luxury resort you still have options that include light schemes. This can include the type of wood finishes used, and the different types of flooring. Consider the light scheme you want when you are ready to purchase a penthouse. The light scheme consists of natural light that is white and pure and has ethereal qualities. It is monochromatic with three finishes including elegant stone and muted wood. The medium scheme is a bit darker and includes the use of rich and warm natural materials. If you prefer a darker scheme then dark rich stones and woods are used with bright light for an outstanding effect.