The Local Real Estate Agency in Denver CO Reviews for Water Damage

by | Dec 27, 2020 | Real Estate

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The aftermath of the big three hurricanes across the Central and Eastern United States in the past year (Matthew, Harvey, Irma) have placed specific emphasis on water damage in homes. It is very likely that for years following these respective hurricanes, real estate agencies will be tackling the extremely disastrous area of water damage in properties. Hurricanes are less of an issue for citizens up in Missouri, but flooding may not be. What can be learned from hurricanes and flood damage about buying a home?

Signs Appearing Months Later

Flood damage is not always extremely obvious, especially if the flooded water came in and left rather quickly. It could be months after the fact that a homeowner starts to see some signs. This includes a vicious mildew aroma that will protrude from the floor. Stains along the bottom portion of the wall will start to appear quite visibly.

Minimizing Water Damage: It Has to Be Done

After water damage, the insulation will be devastated. It has to be removed immediately. Typically, a homeowner will have to cut a foot above the water line. If the water came up just a few inches, the owner would slice the wall around the affected areas about a foot and a few additional inches to account for water bleeding. If this is not done, the water damage could be the gift that keeps on giving through the development of mold and bacteria.

Water damage does not just occur from hurricanes, of course. Leaks from within, huge disasters related to a washing machine or washer and dryer set-up could lead to water damage. Krause Realty Solutions reviews properties for previous water damage.

A Top Real Estate Agent in Denver CO will request repair reports and food damage potential. In short, the agent for the property will confirm that no water damage is present. It can be sneaky and extremely costly, and homes for sale are deserving of specific attention. It could be possible that a seller is selling a home partly due to water damage. So, it is the responsibility of a Real Estate Agency in Denver CO to confirm that no hidden water damage has occurred, and the new owner will face the consequences.