Tips for Decorating Your Luxury Condo

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Real Estate

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So, you have been through town and looked at every type of condos for sale in San Francisco, CA and finally found the perfect one for you. It has the space. It has the amenities and it is in your price range. Now, that you have moved in, you realize that this is your first time living in an optimized space like this one. You’re wondering how to decorate so that your condo looks spacious and stylish all at the same time.

Take Advantage of Large Windows

Most condos have a lot of windows and it can easily become overwhelming. Think about putting some gorgeous drapes up over the windows, just make sure they can be pulled back to let in the sun and so you can look out on the breathtaking view below your condo window. You might even consider setting up a coffee table and chairs in front of the windows as well.

Plenty of Rugs

If the condo you finally settled on is one that has mostly hardwood floors, it can seem a little bare at times. Fix this, by strategically scattering rugs across the hardwood floors. Adding rugs to the hardwood floors can give the rooms warmth and coziness’s like nothing else can.

Don’t Forget the Personal Touches

The best way to decorate your condo with style is by adding your own personal touches to the space. Whether it’s art work on the walls or throw pillows scattered around, you know what you love and what will make your condo a home.

These are just a couple of tips to help you decorate the condo you love. For more information on condos for sale in San Francisco, CA contact the professionals the AUSTIN to set up a tour of their quality homes.