Condos for Sale-Choosing the Right Place to Call Home

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Real Estate

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Many people are deciding to downsize on their homes these days, whether the children have gone off to college or retirement is coming soon, people want to venture in a different direction and way of living. A way to do this is invest in a condo, one that appeals to your style and taste. Choosing the right place to call home is important to you therefore, you want to select a unit that has the best view and is in a great location. Of course there are other factors to weigh in such as the services, amenities, the neighborhood, and the size of the condo. Condos for sale in downtown San Diego are extravagant, offers city views and breath-taking waterfront views, as well as the building itself is uniquely designed.

Find the Perfect Condo for Your Lifestyle

Each condo is exclusively custom designed to fit your needs. You have many options to choose from such as floor levels which are luxury and estate collection, direction of residence size and view, as well as square feet per condo which ranges from 1.240 to 2,608. The kitchen will have state-of-the-art and custom designed appliances that comes together to make a unique layout which combines beauty with function like a dream. Master bathrooms have heated polished stone tile flooring, stone tiled wet walls, wood veneer cabinetry, and chrome accessories. Other living areas are detailed with 3 color schemes that will personalize your home, contemporary hardwood floors throughout the area, smart home features, and flat painted ceilings.

Services and Amenities Include:

  • Chef Concierge Services
  • 24 Hour Lobby
  • Porter Services
  • Private Boat Share and Luxury Car Fleet
  • Parking Attendant and Gating Parking
  • Controlled Access Elevators and Control Access Entry
  • Outdoor Pool Services with Poolside Cabanas

Explore a New Way of Living in a High-Class Luxury Condo

When you choose to invest in a condo, this is your way of exploring a new way of living and doing so in a high class and luxury condo. There are so many benefits of residing in a custom designed condo in San Diego. Not only will the scenery be gorgeous but the surrounding neighborhood will be filled with exciting things to do. You can shop at classy boutiques, dine at fine restaurants, or just explore life with some fun entertainment.