Green Lifestyles Promoted by Green Condos of NYC

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Real Estate

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Condos in New York City can promote green and healthy lifestyle which usually contradicts people’s traditional thoughts of living in cities. A city life is mostly predicted to be like full of pollution, noise and also traffic. But at present most of the New York building constructors are concentrating on energy efficient buildings. Condo life is getting healthier day after day because green spaces are being incorporated. Waterside parks, square parks are also built by the constructors along with the building complexes so that the inhabitants of the buildings can spend spare time in those parks also.

Mostly green condos of NYC are promoting multi-use developments where people are motivated to walk more and ride less. Multiple amenities are there in most of the building complexes where people are encouraged to make exercise a part of their life. In NY, a trend is there where people use their vehicles even to go a 5min walking distance from their home. As a result, pollution rate and traffic problem are increasing. So the green condo life is motivating people to walk short distance destinations which can prove to be beneficial for wallet, environment and health as well.

The level of noise has reduced greatly due to the improved standards of buildings. New condo units are built in such a way that noise cannot penetrate through the inside walls of the condos. Also the maintenance costs of these units are not that huge like maintaining penthouses or big apartments. Water conservation system is good and the resources can be efficiently used by the condo dwellers. Living in a condo is more energy efficient compared to living in a house. The living place is maximized but the amount of land per family is reduced which is necessary for a crowded city like NY.

A few years back, condos were built in downtown areas so that people could get the taste of city life of NY but now the trend and choice of people have changed a lot. Now people prefer to live in places which are little away from the office areas or busy streets. Also people who prefer busy pictures of NY can choose condos because that option is still available. Another factor of buying condos in quieter parts of NY is the price. The prices of condos of busy places or centers of the city are pretty high so those condos are not that much affordable for middle-class people.

Green condos in NYC are not hard to find in present days because people prefer such properties. Everyone dreams of owning a place of their own which offers quality life. A green condo is such a place where you can spend a healthy and happy life. The present life of people has become so busy that they can hardly think about their health. This is why; living in a place which is designed to help people to live a healthy life seems great for everyone. Choose properly your green condo in NYC and live a good life.