Top Benefits of Selling Your House to a Cash-Buying Firm

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Real Estate

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Your house is likely your most valuable possession, and the last thing you want is to unload it for less than it’s worth. But sometimes selling it for a small discount is best if you can save on fees that are common with more conventional real estate transactions. That’s what makes selling your home to a cash-homebuying firm so great. And here are some key advantages to doing just that.

When you spot We Buy Houses Suffolk VA ads, you can be assured that the companies behind them hire the most qualified reps around. Some of these people have worked in the real estate industry for many years, and they can offer you market reports to give you some realistic parameters on what you’ll get for your house. This will enable you to make the most pragmatic decision possible.

Cash In Hand
A cash homebuyer will usually offer you cash or something close for your house. This can be your ticket to financial freedom if you have no debt.

Quick Sale
There is no faster sale than a We Buy Houses Suffolk VA transaction. And though you can pick the actual closing date, you can sell your house as soon as a week or 10 days later.

Less Stress
The stressful part of selling a house is the constant cleaning, arranging and staging you have to go through to show the house. Your real estate agent may also suggest you change outmoded décor or repair certain fixtures. And this can really get expensive.

No Appraisal
Recent research has shown that appraisals now cost anywhere from $300 on up. However, you won’t be expected to get an appraisal done when you sell to a We Buy Houses Suffolk VA firm.

Simple Real Estate Solutions has been purchasing homes for cash in Suffolk VA for many years, and will make you the highest possible offer on your home.