Why A Two Bedroom Condo Is Perfect For Almost Anyone In San Francisco

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Real Estate

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Whether you’re a single person or have a small family, a two-bedroom condo in San Francisco is perfect for you. Most single people prefer to live in a one-room loft or apartment because they only have themselves. Likewise, families may choose three bedrooms for the space. However, these may not be the best option for you.


If you’re single and you are wondering which type of apartment to consider, you should focus on a two bedroom condo in San Francisco. You can turn the second room into an office, hobby room, exercise room, or something else. Likewise, it can be a place for guests to sleep over when needed, as long as your contract allows guests.

You can also keep it around in case you fall into financial trouble and need a roommate. Likewise, you may want to keep it in case you get married and have children. Your new bride can move in with you, especially if you own the unit. Then, when you two decide to take the next step and have a baby, you can turn it into a nursery.


Many people want to be independent but find that they can’t afford a single-person apartment or condominium. You can get a two-bedroom condo in San Francisco and share it with a stranger or someone close that you know. You can share the expenses and still both live comfortably, having a single room that’s yours.

Small Family (One Child)

Smaller families may want to expand, but it can sometimes be too much home to keep, especially with a young child. Whether you’re a single mom or part of a family of three, you’ll find it comfortable enough with all the amenities you could ever hope to need.