2 Reasons to Absolutely Move to This Off-Campus Student Apartment Complex

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Real Estate

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Have you recently decided to adopt a pet from a local shelter and are now excited to spend time with your new furry friend? Are you a student at Missouri State University and have been recently advised that pets are not allowed on-campus and are now searching for a place to move to that will allow you to live with your pet? Are you now in a panic as classes are beginning soon and have yet to find a pet-friendly apartment near the school? If you answered yes, then here are two reasons why you and your furry friend should absolutely move to this apartment complex near MSU.

Pet-Friendly with Pet Facilities Available

One of the main reasons why you should definitely move to this particular apartment complex is that they are pet-friendly and provide pet facilities. They provide pet amenities such as a pet walk and pet washing stations, providing the perfect home for you and your pet.

Grilling Stations, Outdoor Spaces, and More

Another reason why you and your furry friend should absolutely move to this apartment complex near MSU is that they offer plenty of other amenities like grilling stations, outdoor spaces, a heated resort-style pool, and more. Living at this particular apartment complex will provide the perfect balance between social life and academics.

Move to This Modern Apartment Complex

Perhaps you are thrilled and excited to learn the name of the pet-friendly apartments in Springfield, MO, near the school. Move and live at The 505 Springfield. This modern apartment complex will provide you and your furry friend the best amenities you can ever want and need from an apartment complex that supports MSU student life. So, when searching for the best pet-friendly apartments in Springfield, MO, they are the only ones you should reach out to. Call or visit them online at https://web.com today.