Here Is Why Your Agency Really Needs a Transaction Coordinator

There is a lot of potential in the real estate industry. If you are in a major market, for example, you may have multiple closings to execute each and every month. This is obviously great for your bottom line, but it can also result in quite the scheduling nightmare. Real estate deals are not just executed overnight. There are multiple parties involved, each of whom must fulfill certain obligations in the contract in order to get the...

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Oakland Property Management: Tips for Collecting Rent Payments on Time

Accounting can be challenging, especially to individuals without a background in business management. Now, throw late rent payments into the mix, and most of the landlords and property managers will go berserk. If your tenants tend to make late payments for the rent, it can be challenging to pay vendors or even clear your loans on time if there are any. Also, you might need to postpone repairs and other crucial projects that add value...

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