3 Important Tips to Find the Best Student Housing in College

by | May 12, 2020 | Student Accommodation Centre

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While many students choose to live in dorms while at school, finding student housing off-campus gives students an entirely different college experience. It’s important that you take this decision seriously and carefully research all your options when choosing student housing Baton Rouge.

Read on for three tips to help you find housing.

Find a Roommate

If you’re not planning to pay the rent on your own, the first step in your housing search is to find a roommate. When searching for student housing in Baton Rouge, a roommate will help you offset the cost of rent and utilities.

Reach out to friends, classmates, and colleagues to find a roommate that you’ll be able to live with. Before making your final decision, consider factors like work schedules, smoking and drinking habits, credit ratings, and similar details.

Decide on a Budget

Another element to take into consideration in your search for student housing in Baton Rouge is your budget. Make sure your search only includes housing options that you can afford.

As you consider housing expenses, don’t forget to include security deposits, pet fees, and utilities. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to split these expenses with a roommate.

Understand Your Options

Be sure to have a clear understanding of your city’s rental market. Depending on where you live and the school you attend, you may have the option of choosing off-campus apartments. Research properties designated as “student housing” first as they often are only leased to students for a fraction of the price of traditional housing options.

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