3 Things to Look For When Touring Off-Campus Apartments in West Lafayette

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Rather than staying in the dorms next semester, consider looking at the available Purdue apartments in West Lafayette, IN. This is an opportunity to establish a good rental history and experience independent living as you pursue your degree. As you begin your apartment search, keep these three factors in mind.

Spacious Living Spaces

If you’re going to give up the convenience of the dorm, you might as well look for an apartment that offers plenty of room. Sizes can vary greatly even in one-bedroom units, making it important to pay attention to the square footage of each unit. If you’re taking on a roommate, you’ll want to look for two-bedroom apartments with more spacious rooms. A larger unit can provide enough space for each of you to express your sense of style in the decor and furnishings.

Secure Common Areas

You should also pay attention to the security of the apartment community. A physical barrier, such as high walls or fencing can keep nonresidents from wandering onto the property. The common areas should also be supplied with plenty of lighting to help residents stay safer when they are outdoors. Check the locks on the windows and doors on your unit as well.

Worthwhile Amenities

As you browse Purdue apartments in West Lafayette, IN, look closely at the amenities each community offers. Find out if they allow pets, if each unit has a private balcony or patio, or if there is a fitness center on the property. You can find a community that offers all of the amenities that will help you live a full life outside of your studies.

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