3 Tips for Choosing Condos for Sale in New York

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Real Estate

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Shopping for condos for sale in New York City can be exhausting. There is a lot of real estate options that come and go pretty quickly in NYC so you have to strike fast but there is always that nagging feeling that maybe there is something better out there and you might be settling and then BAM you lose the deal. Following these three tips can help you to have a plan for choosing the right property.

Three Tips

Using these three tips can help you to form a firm idea about what you want, narrow down your options and make a decision quickly so you get the condo that you want without hesitation.

Tip # 1 Location Has to Be First

The old adage about buying the worst property in the best neighborhood is sage advice but luckily it is advice you do not have to take. You can choose the neighborhood that you want to live in and get a great property when you are buying a condo. Do keep in mind that when you are buying a condo you are actually “shopping” the building in addition to the neighborhood. You can live in the heart of NY AND have beautiful green areas surrounding you at Hudson Yards, one of the brightest additions to the real estate scene.

Tip # 2 Set the Bar High

A lot of times your broker will have “conversations” with you about making compromises, the reality is why should you have to compromise? Why shouldn’t you have it all? There are buildings that have it all and do it well. Don’t give up the things that are important to you. If you do you will eventually regret making the compromise. You can have it all.

Tip # 3 Don’t Buy Yet

Go see Hudson Yards than make a decision about where you want your next home to be.