3 Tips for Students When Searching for UNCW Student Apartments

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Real Estate

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There are so many things to consider and when you’re looking for something that’s going to suit your needs, it can get you feeling overwhelmed in a hurry. This blog post will help with these helpful tips that will make the process easier on you and prepare you for what to expect from UNCW student apartments.

Start Searching Early

Students need to look at apartments early so that they can compare features, amenities, and prices before signing the lease. Prospective tenants should start looking within weeks of arriving on campus since some complexes fill up quickly. Apartment communities near universities often have waiting lists where a prospective renter may put their name down for an apartment. The longer people wait to get on a list, the lower their chances of getting the apartment that they want.

Look for off-Campus Student Housing Near Campus but Not Too Far

When searching for off-campus student housing near campus, look for an apartment within walking distance or a short bus ride away from school where students won’t have to spend much time commuting. Many students want to live as close to campus as possible while still being able to go back home on the weekends or when breaks come up. When searching for apartments in this area, applicants should expect buildings and other housing units located near one another where crime is a concern because of its proximity to college student populations.

What Amenities Are Necessary?

The neighborhood surrounding the apartment complex is a big deal for students since they like to be able to go home after school and not have to worry about their safety. There are many things that they will consider during this decision-making process including how close the nearest grocery store is, when the garbage gets picked up in the area, and whether the buildings have swimming pools and other recreational areas.

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