A Different Kind of Community Outside of Military Life

by | Feb 22, 2013 | Real Estate

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Fort Benning is one of Georgia’s top employers and one of the sources of economic growth in the community. Considering that a lot of civilians are employed inside the fort, it follows that they prefer to live close by so as to save in the costs of transportation. Some of the military servicemen also have a choice whether to use their BAH or basic allowance for housing to live outside the fort in the civilian communities surrounding Fort Benning. Not all families will choose to wake up every morning to a bugle call or sleep at night to the sound of the Taps; hence, their choice to find accommodations from among the available housing options in the area.

However, there is the question of whether to rent or to buy a townhome in Fort Benning GA area as an investment. The problem is when there is a reassignment to another place. It is not always easy putting up a home for sale so the more obvious choice is to rent. Once the family finds a place where the rental is lower than the BAH, they gain an economic advantage as they will be able to save the difference or spend it for other important things. This can be a big advantage for the family especially when they want to separate their children from military life and allow them to experience a normal life in civilian communities.

Searching for the Townhome in Fort Benning GA

Since one of the most obvious reasons for desiring to live off the military installation is to have more comfortable space for the family, it is necessary to make a search among reliable directories that provide apartments and houses for rent. The internet is a very good source of information; it is convenient to use as well. You might also ask recommendations from some friends in the military especially those who have managed to gain satisfaction from their present homes outside of the installation. You just have to tap into all information available in order to find one that will perfectly suit your taste and requirements, not to mention the budget.

Other factors to consider when choosing to live off the military installations

Look carefully at the apartment or townhouse for rent; check whether the space is enough for the family to be comfortable. Is the rental fee worth the property or would you be better off staying in your cramped space inside the fort? If you have plans to buy a pet for the children, will the landlord allow it? Will you be liable for any damages that your pet creates inside the apartment? Make sure you read carefully the terms of the contract in order to gain the better end of the deal. Ensure that you have a copy of all documents that you have signed especially the lease contract.

Make sure to evaluate your options whether you will enjoy living outside of the fort or if you will find civilian communities entirely different from what you have been accustomed to. It is important to make comparisons before reaching a decisions and signing on the dotted lines.

A townhome in Fort Benning GA provides an alternative and more convenient accommodation to military servicemen and their family so they can have a taste of life in a civilian community. For more details, visit