A Simple Guide To Business Valuation In Minnesota

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Real Estate

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There are many different reasons a business owner may want to determine the value of his or her business. Business valuation in Minnesota is typically associated with the sale of a business, but it may also be requested by investors, for shareholders or financing purposes.

Hiring a professional to complete a business valuation in Minnesota is essential. Look for a company offering business valuation with a high record in working with businesses in your industry. While there are specific guidelines to use in business valuation, there are also unique factors that are different from business types and industries. Working with a professional appraiser who has both the valuation experience as well as the technical knowledge to accurately determine the value of all aspects of your business is critical.

There are several different factors the professional completing a business valuation in Minnesota will consider. Depending on the type of industry or business, there may be variations in how much value each component contributes to the total calculated worth of the business. There are also different methods, and it is important to ask which one the professional is using.


The assets are the tangible things in a business. These could be property, a shop, office space, computers, tools, equipment, inventory, and supplies. The assets are perhaps the least challenging to value, although custom made equipment or unique or one of a kind items can be more subjective in their value.

The assets are not valued as new, or necessarily what they would cost to replace. Rather, for a business valuation in Minnesota they are valued at their current worth. Older, outdated or worn assets are less valuable than newer, modern and current items.

Revenue Stream

The amount of income a business generates is also used in determining a business valuation in Minnesota. However, income alone is not the key factor, as there are expenses and costs in operating the business reflected in the valuation.

It is possible to have a very impressive revenue stream or income for a business, but to have equal or even greater expenses in keeping the business open. The valuation process needs to take this into consideration, including if the income will begin to exceed the expenses in the future.

Finally to complete a business valuation in Minnesota it is important to understand the market and how similar businesses compare. By considering all factors, a professional can make an accurate determination of the value of the business, ensuring you get a fair price for your business sale.