Benefits Of Mobile Home Sales in Charleston, SC

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Real Estate

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For many people, home ownership is a life long goal. For most, it can take years to save enough money and build enough credit to be able to purchase a home. If a person doesn’t want to wait that long to be a homeowner, they should consider purchasing a mobile home. Buying a mobile home has several benefits.

Cost Effective

Mobile homes are very cost effective. A mobile home can cost up to 20 percent less than a permanent home. Even brand new mobile homes cost much less than a traditional home. Because the cost is much lower, the mobile homeowner could expect to pay a much lower down payment and a very low mortgage payment.

Ability To Move the Home

Most mobile homes are located in mobile home parks. If the owner decides that they want to move their home to another park, or if they purchase land, they can easily move the home to the new location. A traditional home can be moved as well, However, it is much more difficult and much more expensive.

Fewer Ownership Costs

If the mobile home is located in a mobile home park, there would be fewer ownership costs. Your property tax would be lower because you own the home but not the land that it is placed on. Most mobile home parks also cover the septic costs and the water costs. If something were to go wrong with the plumbing and sewer lines or gas lines, the mobile homeowner would not need to worry about the cost. These would all be included in the park fees.

No On-site Building

When a traditional home is being built, mother nature is not always cooperative. If it rains or snows for weeks, it can result in a much longer building time. Because mobile homes are manufactured in a factory, the weather would not be an issue. The individual buying the home can find the one that they want, and it can be dropped off on their lot.

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