Buy the Lifestyle with Luxury Condos for Sale in Manhattan

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Real Estate

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Luxury condos for sale in Manhattan are more than just selling a place to live they are selling you the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. Deciding where you will live in the city is a very important decision that you cannot take lightly. There is a big difference between an apartment and a home. An apartment is just a place to sleep, shower and eat a home is where you do your living. Luxury condos are made to be “home” but you have to find the total package. A beautiful apartment in a building that leaves you wanting more is a disappointment, a great building that has small apartments that are not that impressive is just as bad. You deserve a great address and a location that fosters that lifestyle you want.

There is One

There are a lot of great apartments all over NYC but there is only one that really offers the entire package deal. This one building offers:

  • A great upper east side address
  • Private gardens and lobby
  • All the amenities you could want
  • Beautiful spacious apartments that have been well-designed
  • And it is all wrapped up in one of NYC iconic historic buildings

Buying a lifestyle and not just an apartment means that you have to have easy access to great restaurants, shops, entertainment and feel secure in the neighborhood. The upper east side offers everything you could want/need within walking distance. You can live in the center of world famous museums in a location that has always been a desirable location.

This magical building where you can buy a HOME and have an amazing lifestyle is the Manhattan House! Centrally located on the beautiful tree lined East 66th street with easy access to all the things that make NYC great!