Factors to Consider when Moving into a College Apartment in Wilmington, NC

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Apartment

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As a college student, choosing an apartment is an exciting decision. You’ll seek input from friends and family, make a list of your options for student housing in Wilmington, NC, and take a tour or two. However, it isn’t always fun. Before looking for an apartment, consider these important financial factors.

Having a Cosigner
Many apartment complexes require that students have a cosigner who can guarantee a full rent payment every month. This is quite common for college students and others with no credit history. Cosigners are held responsible if you can’t pay the rent, and they’re usually a parent or an older sibling. Think of your family’s finances before leasing an apartment, even if you plan to use student loan money to make the payments.

Are Utilities Included?
Most of the time, landlords include trash removal and water; anything else is your responsibility. After paying for electricity, cable TV, internet, and parking, finding affordable student housing in Wilmington, NC, becomes more important than ever. Budget sensibly so you don’t overextend yourself.

Buying Furniture
Many student apartments are fully furnished for renters’ convenience. That means you won’t have to bring furniture, but it also means you’ll have to be more careful. Clean the floors regularly, try not to spill anything, and ask guests to behave accordingly. If your apartment isn’t furnished, you’ll have to work with your roommates to see who can bring what.

Make the Right Decision
Before moving into off-campus housing, review your choices with your parents and find the best student housing in Wilmington, NC. Call Redpoint Wilmington to schedule a tour or visit our website for additional details.