Facts to About Homes in Oro Valley

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Real Estate

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Homes in Oro Valley seem to grow in popularity each and every year. The Oro Valley suburbs are located about 6 miles north of Tucson. This is one of the most sought after real estate area in the county. The area is considered to be an affluent area and the average income of residents is about 50% more than the average income of US residents. The following are some facts that buyers should know before deciding to purchase homes in Oro valley.

The Oro valley is situated in a captivating scenic position on the foothill of Santa Catalina Mountains. The Tortolita Mountains are located to the left of this town and the Tucson Mountains are located to the south. The town is located in the Canada Del Oro Valley, between the two mountains. The area is especially common with people looking for winter homes.

The homes in Oro valley are built in a scenic and quiet neighborhood. The area is also close to the Tucson city and thus provides residents with ample access to various social amenities. The neighborhood has schools, hotels and medical facilities nearby. The area is generally quiet but still has vital social amenities that entice both the elderly and young families. The area is also linked with good road systems to the city and other neighboring residential areas.

Many people use homes in Oro Valley for winter retreats. It is however a very good area to have as a full time home. The Oro valley is known as a retirement area for most people. However, young families also find it appealing and comfortable. Fortune magazine has quoted the Oro valley as one of the best places for families in America. The area is generally up scale and feature large homes with ample back space. Small and much cheaper homes are also available for people on a tight budget.

Most homes In Oro valley are relatively new. This means that they are built using the latest technologies available. Most of the homes incorporate green technologies which makes them the right choice for people wishing to conserve the environment. The homes are also fitted with energy saving features such as solar panels that also reduce electricity charges.

There are several agents that are available in the Tucson area. These agents assist people wishing to purchase homes in Oro Valley. The agents are able to avail information on the various properties available as well as their cost. They also assist people to make a judgment on the type of neighborhood that they would like.

The Oro valley is in very high demand. The location of the town as well as the availability of social amenities such as shopping malls and restaurants makes it a convenient place for children and adults to live in. There are also golf courses and other sporting facilities in the area. This makes it the premier choice for people looking for a winter getaway. The homes in Oro valleysell very quickly and thus it is recommended that one completes the deal as soon as a good house is spotted.