Feel the Excitement of Florida University Life When You Live Off Campus

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Student Accommodation Centre

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You’re enrolled at University of Florida. You’ve got your supplies. You’re starting to pack. You know what you will study. The next question is what about housing? Do you want to live on campus in the dormitory buildings or would you like some more independence? University of Florida off campus housing gives you so much more than a dormitory. Most importantly, it will give you personal space.

You don’t want to live in a crowded space with someone else in the same room. University of Florida off campus housing provides you with another alternative. You can live in an apartment complex that has been established for students. It’s hassle-free with furniture, utilities, and appliances already set up in every apartment. You won’t be sharing your bedroom. You get your own. You don’t even have to share your bathroom. You can live in housing on your terms. Either go for an apartment that you will have completely to yourself with only one bedroom or consider having a roomie. You might want some company in this first break away from home. Team up with someone you know or you can be matched with up to three roomies.

You have plenty of options when you want to fill your free time. You won’t be studying 24/7. You can relax in the sun by the pool or head to the gym. You have a media lounge when you feel like getting together with a group to be in the heart of the action. Learn more about the possibilities at Alight Gainesville.