Live the Life When You Purchase a Condo in Uptown Dallas

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Real Estate

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Dallas, or the ‘Big D’ as its citizens often call it, is a city on the move. The economy is booming and more and more people are flocking to become residents. It’s not just because of the healthy economy that people want to live in this part of the nation. Aside from the fact that Dallas has good weather for most of the year, it’s also known as an environmentally conscious city that offers a wonderfully eclectic lifestyle. Wherever there’s good weather there’s an emphasis on living outdoors and Dallas is certainly catering to those who are progressively health-conscious. Parks for walking and jogging, bicycle lanes and pedestrian-friendly areas are now staples in the city. This trend is found no more so than in the uptown area of the city.

Why Uptown Is the Place to Be

The reason that there is currently a surge in new and developing condos in uptown Dallas is due to the number of people wanting to make this part of the city their home. Uptown is the new ‘it’ place. It has largely been constructed over the past twenty years and this allowed city planners to provide all the possible necessities for a twenty-first century lifestyle. Young professionals and millennials want to live closer to where they work. Then they require their every lifestyle requirement to be at their fingertips, and this is what these luxury condos offer. Convenience is the order of the day in these sky-high mansions. If you need to pop out to eat, there are over 100 restaurants that are close by or within walking distance. The same would apply to movie or live theaters and even to educational institutions for children. When it’s time to exercise, if the outdoors is preferred over the in-house fitness centers, there are parks and cycling trails all around. In fact, some apartments have bicycles for hire on-site. If you need to drive to your destination, the valet service can have your car collected from its private parking. Nothing but the ultimate convenience and pampering is on-tap when you’re a resident of one of these up-market condos in uptown Dallas.

Slip into the Urban Condo Living Lifestyle

One of the best parts of living in a condo in Dallas is that the city is relatively flat. Many of the apartments have floor-to-ceiling glass walls and the vistas from even a low-rise building often stretch to the horizon. Imagine lying in bed on a Sunday morning reading the news on a tablet with the city spread beneath your feet, or the tapestry of lights at night that will make you believe you’re in an aircraft on final approach. It’s little wonder that this luxurious lifestyle is increasingly the top choice of new home-owners. For more information visit Bleu Ciel.