Looking at Manufactured Home For Sale in Carson City, NV as a Money-Down Investment

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Real Estate

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Manufactured homes are a great investment not just one two, or two times, but multiple times over. Investors like the appeal of a manufactured home because of the flexibility. They are generally quite affordable, at least more affordable than traditional homes. They can be sold quickly, and the financing is more accessible. In all, buying a manufactured home can begin as a purchase to live in, and end as a fantastic way to invest.

Sellers will try to take advantage of new investors looking at the manufactured home environment. One clear distinction attracts less-savvy investors, and that is the no-money-down.

Do Not Get Caught with No-Money Down

There is a classic life adage that pops up often in real estate. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. There is an obvious and distinct appeal in buying properties with no-money-down. There are tens of thousands of investors exclusively buying cheap homes with no-money-down. They may lack the money to drop on a Manufactured Home For Sale in Carson City, NV. But, this can be a “too good to be true” scenario for many home sellers. Buyers who place a specific amount of money down show that they are serious. The sellers will pull it from the market, help set-up reasonable financing, and start the sale process.

Fair-Money Down

The trick is not to worry about avoiding a no-money-down situation when seeking a manufactured home for sale in Carson City, NV. The goal is to keep it modest. The amount up front should never exceed 25% of the total home price. When it gets that high, the home should likely just be bought in full with cash (that strategy may likely come with a deep discount from the seller).

Yourwhiteknight.com has hundreds of manufactured homes available. Buyers should be looking for a home to live in for at least a year so they can take advantage of tax savings. But, they should also be looking at the future. Can they leverage this manufactured home purchase for more? Is there an opportunity to invest, grow, and take on the future head-on?