Online Rental Management Portals for Tenants & Clients

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Property Management

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Do you own a rental property, such as a single-family home or an apartment complex, and spend much of your time on the go? If it is difficult for you to keep tabs on important investment-related documents and meet the needs of your tenants in your absence, it may be a wise choice on your part to consider employing rental management. Inverness companies provide helpful client and tenant portals that offer benefits such as centralized accounting, speedy rent collection, and 24/7 repair service. You and your tenants will enjoy the security of open communication.  As the owner, you will have the option to check in on your investment at your convenience, while your tenants will be free to make repair requests, as needed, and enjoy quick service.

Repairs & Rent Collection
Online tenant portals through rental management companies help put both owners and renters’ minds at ease. If you are tired of receiving phone calls all hours of the day and night for immediate repair service, enlisting a trained property manager to handle maintenance calls on your behalf will reduce the stress and annoyance of having to solve such problems from afar. Rental managers keep track of online repair requests very closely which also ensures phone lines are kept open and the details of the issues are easily available to them. Naturally, they also maintain emergency hotlines for repairs that require urgent attention. Tenant portals also simplify the rent collection process considerably, as renters can make their payments online, allowing agents to keep better track of revenue.

Easily Accessed Files
As a client of a larger and more reputable property management company, you will be granted access to your own personal account. Through your account, you will have the option to view any and all documents related to your finances and investment status. For example, if you need a copy of a previous 1099 form or a recent inspection report, you will be able to retrieve it through your web portal. Instead of having to catalogue and structure your documents, your agent will upload them into the company’s website which gives you the opportunity to review them via your computer from anywhere in the world.

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