Options In New Apartments In San Diego, CA

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Real Estate

Top Of The List



There is an increasing trend in the market for luxury apartments and condos for sale in major cities to offer more than just the basics for residents. These new styles of buildings, which are often listed as Super Prime, provide all the amenities and features of the most luxurious 5-star hotels around the world, but they are right here in the San Diego area.

In the downtown area, one of these luxurious and truly life-changing types of buildings is the Pacific Gate By Bosa. This soaring and graceful tower is designed to feature the curving elements of the water and the beach, with the clean lines and open, natural look in every detail in the design throughout the building.

Once a person looking at luxury apartments and condos for sale in the San Diego area tours through the building and the residences in a Super Prime building, other condos are not going to look as luxurious. The attention to detail in these buildings is amazing, creating beautiful living spaces that offer customized options for buyers to select.

Features to Consider

Outside of the residences, which feature the latest in technology and smart home controls, hardwood flooring and carefully selected state-of-the-art appliances and features in the kitchen, bathrooms and living areas, these buildings also offer a full range of benefits to residents.

Only a few of these top buildings provide residents with access to a private boat, a private luxury car fleet, a full fitness center, pool and spa on site as well as a screening room, lounges, business centers and access to conference and meeting rooms and a resident’s only guest suite.

When looking at new apartments and condos in San Diego, take the time to consider the benefits of living in one of these amazing buildings. Once buyers see the features and amenities offered, other luxury condos simply do not stack up.