Parking Considerations to Make When Finding Apartments in Charlottesville

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Apartment

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Moving into student housing can be one of the biggest life-changing experiences for a student. For many university students, prior to moving into their student housing the only life they knew was living with their parents. However, now that they are considering student apartments in Charlottesville, VA, they have to think about things that they did not need to think about before.

One example could be parking. There are some student apartments in Charlottesville, VA, that have on-site parking. However, if a student moves to a location that does not have on-site parking, finding parking may be frustrating. This is especially true in areas where the law requires people to rotate where they park their vehicles based on days of the week or on weather conditions. The situation becomes more complicated if there are multiple people renting one unit.

In some cases, the lack of parking means that a student may need to consider not having a vehicle or may need to consider paying for off-site parking. If this is the case, the cost of paying for off-site parking or the added expense of using public transportation as opposed to having a vehicle should be considered when deciding what unit and what location is right for you. It could be that a more expensive unit that has on-site parking is actually a better deal in the long run as opposed to a less expensive unit that does not have on-site parking.

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