Putting Together a Budget for Your First Off-Campus Housing Unit

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Student Accommodation Centre

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If you are a student, then moving off-campus can be a big step. You need to create a realistic budget before making that big step.

Start by making a list of all your income. Be sure to include things like scholarships, grants, loans and any income from a job.

Then, start subtracting the cost of your tuition, books, parking permit, recreational fee and any other college expense.

You now have a total of what you have left to spend on the rest of your life. Many students spend about 33% of that total on student living apartments in Baton Rouge, but you need to make sure that is realistic for you. Subtract what you expect to spend on your meals and entertainment, including nights out. Then, subtract off your telephone bill, internet and any other recurring charges that you need to pay. If you are not still covered under your parents’ health insurance, make sure you account for those charges. You also need to consider your transportation costs, like your car loan or bus fare.

Many students find it helpful to write down all their expenses and income on a piece of paper. You may even want to write it down one day and look at it in a couple of days to make sure that you have not forgotten anything. Then, add at least a 10% cushion to the amount that you think it will cost you to live.

Now that you have created a budget, you know how much you can spend on student living apartments in Baton Rouge.

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