Reasons Why You Might Want to Live in an Apartment Instead of a Dorm

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Student Accommodation Centre

Top Of The List



Going to college might mean that it’s your first extended time away from home. If living in a small dorm with people you don’t know isn’t at the top of your list, then consider living in an apartment while you’re in school. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider this living arrangement.

Finding Roommates

When you begin looking at the University of Wyoming apartments, the college will likely have a program to help you find a roommate if you want to live with one or two other people. You’ll be able to enter your interests and things that you don’t want in a roommate so that someone is matched who is suitable for you.

More Space

From the living room and kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom, the University of Wyoming apartments have much more space than a dorm room would have. This is beneficial so that you can feel like you’re at home. You can decorate as you want and have the space needed to spread out, making it easier to study or relax after a long day of classes.


Since most apartments have at least a small kitchen, you can save money by cooking at home instead of eating on campus or going out to eat. If you buy items in bulk or split the amount that each person has to pay for items used in the apartment, then you can sometimes budget the money that you have better than if you were living on campus.

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