Short-Term Rentals in Chula Vista Appeal to Couples Temporarily Separating

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Real Estate

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Couples who have been having significant trouble getting along might decide to separate for a while. They plan to get back together but feel their relationship would benefit from some time apart. Short-term rentals in Chula Vista in the form of furnished apartments may be the best solution for the person who will be moving out.

Relevant Research

Research is conflicting regarding the percentage of long-term couples who reunite after separation. The number might be as high as 50% for those who aren’t married. Around 15% to 20% of married couples get back together after living apart for a while.

Psychologists note that a separation can strengthen a marriage if the spouses follow certain guidelines. Relationship counseling may be advisable. The two should keep the lines of communication open. They must set parameters from the start, such as what type of socializing is acceptable during the separation.

What to Bring

Bringing many possessions is unnecessary if the separation is meant to be temporary. The two spouses may be amicable and trusting enough so that the person who moves out still has keys to the family home. Furnished short-term rentals in Chula Vista allow that individual to avoid having to bring or buy furniture. The prospective renter must find out whether the landlord supplies bed linens, towels, and kitchenware.

Child Visitation

If the couple has children and agrees to the youngsters having overnight or weekend visits, the parent who moves out will probably want a two-bedroom unit. The extra space is convenient for everyone.

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