Spring Cleaning with Your Roommates in Your Student Housing in Fort Collins

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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There is nothing like a clean, clutter-free student apartment to help you feel motivated and productive. Spring is just around the corner, so now is a great time to hold a meeting with your roommates to discuss cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. Here are several tips to help you and your roommates determine how to spring-clean your student housing in Fort Collins.

Assign Jobs for Main Spaces

Start by assigning jobs for the main spaces, such as sweeping, mopping, and wiping down the counters. If the job is too much for one person, work together to clean that spot. For example, one person can hold a ladder while another person cleans a ceiling fan or high shelf.

Focus on One Space at a Time

It is best to focus on one space at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed, especially when you still need to focus on classes. You can designate one day to the living room and another day to the kitchen. Remember, you do not have to clean every space at once.

Clean Your Personal Spaces Separately

You are entitled to your privacy when living in a student apartment, and this is why everyone should clean their own bedroom and bathroom. Cleaning your personal spaces also keeps you from being stuck cleaning up someone else’s mess, which would be in addition to the main spaces and your personal space.

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