Students Living in New Apartments Near a Major University Campus

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Student Residence Near UNC at Chapel Hill, North Carolina

As a small town with a vibrant scene for university students, Chapel Hill offers plenty of great housing options. You will find student housing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, available with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. New apartments near the popular UNC campus typically have lots of innovative features for maximum comfort and entertainment. Some student housing in Chapel Hill, NC, includes balconies and patios with views of the lively downtown district and historic campus. Since security is an important issue in this part of NC, expect to find electronic locks on all entrances to the apartment building. Some of the elevators inside the building might also require keycards for entry. Additionally, the walls of your off-campus unit should have lots of insulation against noise.

Recreation and Entertainment in Chapel Hill, NC

When you live at a student housing in Chapel Hill, you can enjoy some of the finest local entertainment and recreation. Downtown Chapel Hill is conveniently located near the historic UNC campus. Therefore, you will find lots of great dining and shopping options along Franklin Street and other nearby streets. You won’t have to walk far to find great facilities for fitness and sports. Most off-campus properties already have gyms and other indoor facilities for exercising. You might even rent an apartment at a complex with an outdoor pool that’s open for multiple months.

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