The Benefits Of Living In Apartments In The Upper West Side

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Real Estate

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For those considering the Upper West Side in New York, you have many options and many places from which to choose. If you’re considering apartments in the area, you may worry that they won’t be near enough to fun and activities, but you needn’t bother. Whether you prefer markets, coffee shops, dining or shopping, you’ll find everything you want and more.


For those who enjoy the whimsical and delicious, you’ll find many choices located near to your home. Many places will serve breakfast and all-day foods, but may also offer brunch, which seems to be the ideal meal for New Yorkers everywhere, especially on the weekend. Whether you want steak, seafood, lobster or a nice café with various delicious foods, you’ll find it with just a little bit of searching and a lot of eating.


Many people prefer to stop at a bakery in the morning, getting a donut or bagel on their way to work. You’ll find many options and many delicious things to try, but you’ll also find the best coffees. Whether you want espresso, mixed coffee drinks or just something hot and black, you’ll find it, enjoy it and crave more.


The Upper West Side is full of fun and funky shops, where you can buy many different items. Whether you’re searching for clothing or something else, you can find it. Apartments close by are the perfect place, because they will be near enough to all the excitement so you can walk around the area, window shop or go inside.


While most apartments in the Upper West Side will have a common area full of workout equipment, you may be searching for something particular or may enjoy heading out to the gym each day. Whether you’re interested in Yoga, Pure Barre, SoulCycle or Flywheel, you’ll find it. You will never have an excuse not to work out because there are so many options available to you.


If you enjoy gourmet grocery stores and markets, you will be euphoric. You’ll notice places like Trader Joe’s, West Side Market, Zabar’s and many other popular choices. Whatever your budget and preference, you’ll find something amazing.


If you enjoy jazz or museums, you’re in for a real treat. There are many museums in the area, such as the American Museum of Natural History and the Children’s Museum. Plus, you’ll be close to Riverside Park, Central Park, and many other exciting options.