Three Tips to Use to Find the Best Student Housing for Next Semester

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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If you’re in school, you understand the importance of finding great housing. Being in an uncomfortable or unaffordable situation can be damaging to your mental health and grades. There are plenty of student apartments in Norman to choose from, but you want to get the one that is the best fit for you. Here are three tips you can use to find the right student housing this school year.

1. Budget – Remember rent is a monthly recurring cost, so if you choose a place that is outside of your budget, it could be a problem down the road. You never know what is going to happen with your finances, so it’s bad to start at the top of your budget. Try to find a place that is in the middle of your budget range.

2. Start Early – The student housing market is incredibly competitive, so inventory runs out fast. Start looking for student apartments in Norman as early as possible if you want to find the best place for you. If you’re just getting started at the end of the semester, you are probably too late.

3. Check for Safety – Ask for neighborhood crime statistics and check out the property at night to make sure it’s safe. Is the parking lot well-lit? Are there cameras in the stairwells? Is there a lock on the laundry room door? These are just some of the safety precautions you should look for when considering the safety of a property.

Get started right away if you are looking for student housing for next semester. Check out the high-quality properties at Alight 12th Ave at to see if they are right for you.