Three Warning Signs to Heed That an Apartment Is Bad

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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If you are a college student looking to move off of campus, this is probably your first time renting your own apartment. If it is, congrats on the upcoming freedom and privacy you will be experiencing. You are probably nervous about making the right decision when renting student apartments the University of Oklahoma offers, so here are some tips that an apartment you are interested in might be bad.

  1. No Tour – Do not rent an apartment if they won’t let you tour it first. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking a test drive, would you? This is a clear sign that they have something to hide when it comes to the property. Only rent from student apartments at the University of Oklahoma that allow you to tour them first.
  2. Utilities – If you notice that lights are out around the property or there are other utility issues, when you take the tour, avoid renting there. They probably won’t care about your apartment if they don’t take care of part of the property everyone sees. Make sure the property is putting its best foot forward.
  3. They Don’t Run a Background Check – If the property manager doesn’t ask to run a background check for you, they won’t for anyone else. You want to be sure you are living next to people that have been properly vetted.

If you follow these three tips, you will avoid renting a bad apartment. Redpoint Norman has a multitude of great apartments available to rent. Start your search on their website at