Top Benefits of Condo Living as a Senior Revealed

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Real Estate

Top Of The List



When you reach retirement age, living in a single-family home starts to lose a little bit of its appeal. The kids are grown and living on their own and you start to feel that you are rattling around in a house that used to be filled to the brim with people and laughter. That is when many seniors start searching for luxury condos for sale in NYC. If you are a senior that is considering making this move, read on below for a few of the top benefits of condo living as a senior.

No Yard Work

Once you reach a certain age, yard work becomes more of a chore than it ever was before. When you find the right luxury condos for sale in NYC to meet your needs, you will no longer have to worry about yard work. You can sell that lawn mower and give the weed eater to one of the kids, since yard work is handled by a crew in your new condo community.

More Security

In a world, where violence is quickly becoming the new norm, it’s a good idea to live somewhere that has added security. Living in a condo community means that you will have that added security. Whether it’s a 24-hour doorman, security cameras, or having to have a passcode to get into the building, you are more protected than you can be in a single-family home.

These are just a couple of the top benefits of condo living as a senior. From no yard work to more security, it’s the right move for many. Is it the right move for you? If it is, contact the professionals at Live Hudson Yards for a tour and to get the answers to your questions.