Top Features of Commercial Property Rental in Mount Vernon, NY

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Office Space Rental Agency

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The commercial space a business rents has a direct reflection on its reputation. It’s the first impression clients have of one’s business. For this reason, it’s important to choose the best commercial property rental in Mount Vernon, NY.

Learn more below about the features of the best commercial properties.

Clients and employees need hassle-free parking. In busy areas like Mount Vernon, it’s important that people have access to affordable and easy parking. The best commercial rentals offer ample indoor parking with direct access to each floor.

Business is conducted at all hours and people want to feel secure at all times. When searching for commercial rental space, look for rentals that offer 24/7 card key access. On-site security personnel is also a plus.
On-site Food Options

Business can’t be conducted on an empty stomach, but who has time to run out and get something to eat? Many of the best commercial rental properties have on-site cafes or other food options. This is a great way for clients and employees to stay fueled throughout the day and stay more focused.
Welcoming Space

Many of today’s businesses want soaring ceilings, an abundance of natural lighting, hardwood flooring, and other upscale features. Welcoming, contemporary spaces make the workday more pleasant. These spaces also make clients feel at home.

Businesses searching for commercial property rental in Mount Vernon, NY, should take their time searching for the right space. To learn more about property rental in the area, contact South Street Lofts at

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