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by | Dec 18, 2019 | Real Estate

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There are an untold number of people in a rush to sell their homes. Unfortunately, many of them end up losing their asset to the bank, or they have to sell the house to pay off accumulated past-due debt. There are also people who take a new job out of the area. They, too, want to sell their house fast, for cash. There are investors who state, “We buy houses in Tulsa.” These investors fully understand your issues, your fears, and your challenges. These people work hard to understand the issues, and to offer a very attractive solution.

How the Process Works

In most cases, the transaction is completed within a weekIt all starts with you making an inquiry. This can be done by phone, although most sellers provide basic details through the buyer’s website. The initial information you provide gets the process started. The potential buyer uses a database of somewhat similar properties to determine the value of the house in the current market.

Within a day, you will hear from the buyer. If the price is acceptable, specific terms are discussed. The buyer will answer your questions, and work with you to meet your expectations regards timing, including when you want the proceeds of the sale.

Nothing for You to Do

When a home is listed conventionally, it invariably means you have to spend time and money to prepare it for viewing and eventual sale. This is not the case when you sell to investors. They purchase the home “as is.” You will not be asked to pay the closing costs, nor will you have to pay any professional fees. In most cases, the transaction is completed within a week.

In many cases, the house is repaired by the new owner and placed back on the market. In other cases, the owner uses the house in his or her rental portfolio. Regardless of how the house is used, you know you are now free to move on with your life.

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