Welcome to FiDi, Manhattan

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Real Estate

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New York is home to so many amazing areas packed with rich culture, deep history, and story on every block. None may be more packed with this amazing American culture than the Financial District in Manhattan. Let’s take a stroll through the neighborhood and see what there is to learn.

Steeped in rich historical stories and sites, the Financial District in Manhatten, also known as FiDi, is home to the former World Trade Center complex where One World Trade Center now calls home. This area was once home to busy workers and traders, but recently Financial District condos for sale New York have begun popping up more and more frequently. Now, this area is home to more than 60,000 people making their lives better and more enriched.

The Financial District is home to one of the most historic sites in America. The Federal Hall National Memorial is a popular attraction for people from all over the globe. It is located on the corner of Wall Street and Nassau Street. The Federal Hall National Memorial stands on the site of the very first U.S. capital and the first inauguration of George Washington.

Beyond the Federal Hall National Memorial, there are a number of interesting and educational sights and attractions to take in when you’re shopping for:

  • South Street Seaport Historic District
  • Pier 17
  • New York City Police Museum
  • The Museum of American Finance

This area has seen a decrease in crime since the 90s. This has been across all categories of crime and points to the safety of the area as more and more residents snatch up Financial District condos for sale New York. A booming area in recent years, the Financial District is combining the best of the modern world and historical America.