What Makes Student Housing Units in Denton Different From Apartments?

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Student Accommodation Centre

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When you think of student apartments in Denton, you might think of a traditional apartment complex with rows of rooms crammed together in a massive brick building. If that’s the case, you might ask yourself if it’s worth paying extra for student housing when you can just rent an apartment near campus. Fortunately, most student housing complexes offer unique layouts that are completely different from anything you’ve ever seen in an apartment building.

What Makes Student Housing Complexes Different From Apartment Buildings?

Many student housing units offer a “neighborhood-style” layout that makes you feel like you’re walking around a real neighborhood, not an apartment complex. Some of the housing units come in their own individual buildings that look like miniature houses. They have sidewalks, lawns, and even a front porch. Other units are grouped together in larger buildings, but they’re still made to look like a comfortable house instead of a massive apartment complex. You can walk around the street just like you would at home and feel like you’re living in a gated community.

If you’re interested in renting student apartments in Denton, you can visit the Redpoint Dentonwebsite. You can see pictures of the different housing units and get an idea of what the “neighborhood” is like. You can also learn about the various amenities that come with a unit, including covered parking, a gym, a study lounge, the ability to bring certain pets along, and more. You can even apply for a unit directly on the website.