What You Need to Know Before Selling Your House Quickly And For Cash

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Real Estate

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We buy houses in Winfield and are experts in what you need to know about selling your home for cash quickly. Many homeowners may think people offering to buy homes fast and for cash could be scam artists because anyone can put up a sign with a phone number. But most homebuyers who put up signs are people looking to invest in real estate. Here are some tips for selling your house for cash fast.

Get An Appraisal

Look at the listings for houses in your style, price range and, if possible, in your neighborhood. An appraisal, even on an as-is house, should be close enough to listed prices for you to recognize a low-ball offer from a buyer. The appraiser will do two to three comparisons, but you should also do your own homework to get an idea of the possible value of your home.


Ask for proof of cash from a buyer. If a potential buyer asks for appraisals, inspections, and such, then that money is coming out of your sale price. Legitimate buyers will purchase these services themselves if necessary, so hold your potential buyer to it.

Things To Be Aware Of

Real estate buying is about getting the paperwork together and you getting the check at closing. Any buyer who wants an “application fee” is not a legitimate candidate.

Also, avoid any buyer who tells you they don’t need to see the house before buying. No one would buy a car sight unseen, and the same is doubly true of a real estate investor. The buyer needs to see the house so they can give you a proper estimate.

And finally, while email marketing is a great method of advertising, the buyer who only deals in email and not phone calls is probably not legitimate.

We can buy houses in the Winfield area. If you’re interested and want more information about our process, please call Kendall Partners Ltd. today.