Why Students Prefer Off-Campus Housing In Western Michigan University

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Now more than ever before, parents looking for Western Michigan University student housing for their college-bound kids are focusing on off-campus options. As the world has changed, students and their parents recognize the value of living comfortably away from a bustling campus. Here are specific reasons why students often prefer living off-campus.

Greater Comfort

Living in a dorm isn’t always the most comfortable situation. As you can probably imagine, there are often issues with cleanliness that are exacerbated by the number of students in one place. Even campus housing facilities with strict rules and policies can’t always keep the building up to par. Living off-campus allows you to control your environment, which can make daily life a lot more enjoyable. Notably, being comfortable can contribute to a student’s academic success.

More Freedom

While there are plenty of benefits associated with living in a dorm, it doesn’t come close to the experience of living in off-campus housing. A key reason why students appreciate off-campus housing is that there is a lot more freedom. For instance, if you want to have a pet while away at college, that’s not possible when you live in a dorm. On the other hand, most apartments will allow you to have a pet for a small fee. It can make a tremendous difference in a student’s college experience. After all, pets are like family. For more information please take your time and visit 58-West.