Why You Should Live in the Luxury Apartments in Harlem, NY

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Real Estate

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When you moved to NY, you knew that you wanted to live in one of the many luxury apartments in Harlem, NY if you could. Now you have the chance to live in the apartments from 17 & 52 Convent but are still trying to make up your mind as to if it’s the best step for you and your living needs. Read on below for a few of the reasons you should make a choose to live here instead of some other luxury apartment in the city.

Peace, Quiet, and Beauty Combined

The luxury apartments in Harlem, NY a 17 Convent are in a building that stands on a lovely leaf- strewed street, which you can see from the hilltop that the building is at the bottom of. The area is quiet and beautiful at the same time. What more could you ask for, after a hard day’s work?

Rooftop Lounge for Grilling, Relaxing, and Dining

Most people don’t want to be hemmed up in their apartments on their weekends off, but sometimes you just don’t feel like venturing into the city to dine or relax. You don’t have too! Simply take your food up to the rooftop lounge, fire up the grill and then relax and eat in the dining area that is provided. This is also a great way to get to know the residents of your apartment building as well and make some new friends that could be friends forever.

These are just a couple of the reasons that you might want to consider living in the luxury apartments in Harlem, NY on 17 Convent. For more information on the luxury apartments and the area as well, contact the professionals at 17 & 52 Convent for help, a tour, and to get answers to any of your questions.

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