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by | Oct 26, 2018 | Real Estate

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As a residence or an investment property, condos for sale on the Upper East Side of NYC have never been a better value for buyers. While prices remain some of the highest in Manhattan, it is nonetheless a buyer’s market. For buyers and investors with the courage to weather the ups and downs, there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity in these luxury residences and Penthouses For Sale. Real estate hunters will find that there is a wealth of architectural gems from three different centuries to choose from, but modern architecture lovers are finding more thrilling fare than ever before.

You’ve Made It

Manhattan’s madcap real estate market can pay unexpected dividends. You don’t have to be a full-time landlord with full-time tenants to rent out luxury residences. In fact, one $20,000 per month Penthouse is used exclusively for high-end photo shoots. Whether renting to Vogue or Instagram models, the potential to monetize real estate without having people stay there is an intriguing possibility. However, reading the covenants rules and restrictions of a particular building may reveal barriers to this type of use. In fact, some condominium boards place limits on how many days per month a unit may be rented out, length of the lease, and other issues. Before checking out apartments for sale, ask for a copy of the CC&Rs if you plan to use your residence in this way.

Happy Hunting!

NYC penthouses for sale at 200 E 62 NY are refreshingly modern masterpieces. Whether choosing a one bedroom or a four-bedroom penthouse, quality and effort shine through. Nothing says you have made it in New York like a beautiful penthouse home in one of the most storied neighborhoods. Talk to a real estate agent today about scheduling your viewing for the home you will fall in love with.

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