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by | Feb 18, 2013 | Real Estate

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Professional property management in Lihue means working with a company who knows the market and has the business tools necessary for property owners to feel 100 percent confident that their properties will yield a superior rate of return.

The “people” side of the business:

As an owner of investment properties, whether they be single or multi-family houses, condominiums, apartments, or townhouses, you need professional hands-on management of your portfolio so that you can be “hands-off”. Professional property management in Lihue knows that the owner is looking to have maximum rental income with minimal expenses. To accomplish this, the properties have to be filled with responsible tenants who pay their rent on time and care for the property. It is the task of the property manager to see that potential tenants are put through an in-depth selection process that includes verification of employment, credit checks, and criminal background checks followed up by references.

The “property” side of the business:

On the other side of the ledger, you need to attend to all maintenance and repairs with maximum efficiency and minimum expense. Professional property managers know that by conducting regular inspections of the property potential problems can be spotted early and corrected before they become a major issue. Invariably, if a problem is allowed to fester, the repair or replacement will be much higher. Even though regular inspections spot most things, at times an emergency will crop up, and the problem must be attended to immediately. It does not matter the time of day; attention must be given in order to satisfy the tenant and to mitigate further problems.

The ‘administrative” side of the business:

The owners of investment property want detailed monthly operating reports and financial reports. They also want timely collection of rent, and if necessary, payment of taxes, mortgages, insurance, and contracted service suppliers. The balance is to be deposited into the bank account of the owner, preferably by automated clearing house transfer.

The nation is still firmly in the grip of a recession that has been the cause of many property foreclosures. Modern methods of communication and data transfer make it practical for investors to hold property anywhere, not just where they live. Many investors have multiple properties, and they work with various management companies. Those who provide professional property management in Lihue know that most owners chose to deal with companies with multiple branches, all of which use identical reporting tools. This makes for an easy understanding of the entire portfolio of properties.

Owners look for many things when selecting their property managers including:

  • Regular inspections of the properties.
  • Local experience and knowledge.
  • Online owner portal for access to financial and operation details.
  • Around the clock maintenance.
  • Impeccable integrity and honesty.
  • A strategy to keep vacancy’s low.
  • Pre-screening of tenants.

Once you have found the ideal property management company that can effectively handle the people side, the property side, and the administrative side, your investment will perform as you anticipated. Your properties will yield higher revenue and more profit while creating lower costs.
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