3 Bonuses to Find When Looking at Student Apartments in Western Michigan

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Student Accommodation Centre

Top Of The List



Western Michigan University student apartments near the campus can make college life simpler for many attendees. Some of the complexes offer additional features at no extra cost. Here are the top three bonuses to look for when investigating units.


The apartments can come furnished, and this is easier on your pocketbook and moving. The multiple bedroom layouts often have private bathrooms, and landlords should ensure each bedroom has its own lock. Bonuses in the kitchen could be a dishwasher and built-in laundry. Some complexes also have balconies or patios connected to the bedrooms, making space to enjoy nature and fresh air.

Rental Agreement

When several people share an apartment, the landlord can assign the rental agreement to each person. In traditional housing, the contract is for the entire unit, no matter who occupies it. With student housing, many property managers base it on a per-person level. This arrangement ensures you are protected if one of the roommates moves or cannot meet their obligations. In the event you need a roommate, some unit managers will help you find one.


It is convenient to have a gathering room or lounge area downstairs, and it is also helpful to have a 24-hour gym on the grounds. Both of these features can make life more socially enjoyable and healthy. A few Western Michigan University student apartments offer shuttle service to the school. If you will be bringing your own vehicle, ask about onsite parking and make sure it is free. For more details about student housing near this university, visit 58 West today.