Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Furnished Apartments Near Ole Miss

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Decorating your furnished apartments for winter is always fun, and it is even better when you are decorating for the holidays. One idea for your holiday decor is a candy cane theme. You can adorn your apartment in candy canes with the following tips.

Traditional Color Scheme

Red and white is the traditional color scheme for candy cane decor. However, there are other colors of candy canes to keep in mind when choosing your scheme. For example, you may want to decorate in green and white candy cane decor. Stick to just one color scheme or mix and match the candy canes of various colors for your furnished apartments near Ole Miss.

Candy Cane Ornaments

When it comes to the actual decor, you want to consider candy cane ornaments for your tree or wreath. You are decorating with ornaments that look like candy canes, but you can also decorate with other ornaments of the same scheme to add a little variety. One example is an ornament that resembles a round red and white mint.

Candy Cane Wall Art

You can never go wrong with candy cane wall art for your apartment. There are plenty of retailers that carry candy cane signs at reasonable prices. You may want a sign that is shaped like a candy cane, or maybe you want a candy cane sign with an illustration and a fun message. Another idea is to hang candy cane ornaments from self-adhesive hooks on the wall.

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