Choose Your Workplace: Browse through Office Listings in Santa Clara County

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Real Estate

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To anyone who has ever bought a house, getting a good office is very important. Your work office is your home away from home. It is where you socialize, meet new people and form lifelong bonds. The office is the place to make your most important business decisions. For some people, it is where they make their most important personal decisions. The office is the home that harbors the success of any business. There are several factors you should consider before securing one for your company.

Consider the Exterior

First, evaluate the exterior of the office and create an opinion. Note how the building looks at first glance. See how it looks up close and from afar. How visible is the sign from a long distance? Is this office placed in the middle of a busy street or isolated and barely visible on the corner?

Offices that have been unused for a while are likely to look dreary. You may want to look at commercial paints and remodeling projects that will upgrade the look. All of this costs money, so decide if the office is worth it. Sometimes, you have to consider the locations on the office listings before you consider the photos.

Consider the Interior

After you make a choice from the listings, look at the office interior first. Look for visible damages along with the hidden ones. Try to look for defects on the ceilings and corners that are not noticeable now, but could become problematic in the future.

Note how comfortable the office feels on the inside. If you plan to have a lot of patients there, will they really feel warm and comfortable? Is the atmosphere generally cold and industrial? Decide the types of changes you want to make there. If there is a hardwood floor and you want carpet instead, see how easy it is to make that change.

Know that you are probably not an expert in offices. So, conduct an informal or professional inspection. Inspect all of the major systems, such as the electrical or water supply, to ensure that everything is still working. Make sure you know about all of the possible repairs and the estimated costs of each one. Make as many inspections and cost estimates as necessary. When it comes to repairs, you do not want to be surprised.

Selecting your office is a decision you must consider carefully. You must consider the location, the appearance, the cost and the repairs. The last part is a major concern for many business owners. They do not inspect the office for defects before they rent it. They end up with an office that is contemptible and does not have its fully functioning parts either. Know what you are getting into before you browse through office listings in Santa Clara County.