Digital Directory Options for Property Managers

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Digital Directory Options

Here’s a simple breakdown of the different types of Digital building directories available. There are generally two main types of digital building directories:

  1. Interactive digital building directory- An interactive digital directory is more expensive because it allows the user to look for the tenant’s information through a touch screen. This digital directory style has unique software that is built for a particular property and has all the information that the tenant wants to be seen.
  2. Standard digital building directory – Standard Digital building directory is really a huge time saver for building managers that have a lot of tenants. With this type of digital directory, you can easily change the information including the tenant’s name, pictures, display text, and maps at the same time from a remote location and update it in seconds.

Why Choose a Digital Building Directory

There are given below some reasons why property management companies and building owners are switching to digital directory systems:

  1. Real-Time updates
    Updating a traditional building directory has been time-consuming. But with a digital directory, everything is easy and simple. With the digital directories, your management team will be able to edit all listing and other content easily remotely. You will able to update multiple building digital directories all from your computer.
  2. Flexible layout options
    With a digital directory, you aren’t limited to viability. You can choose digital directory templates. Digital directory templates can be easily adjusted according to your needs.
  3. Easily maintainable
    A digital directory is operated through user-friendly software. It will allow you to make the necessary adjustments and changes within your business in less time.
  4. Customizable design
    You can match the background, text, and boards of the digital directories columns to match your accurate brand colors. You can add a beautiful HD image and video of your building.
  5. Multi-Use
    When using a digital directory, you can show an unlimited variety of media and information: local area advertisements, weather, custom scrolling text tickers, media slideshows, YouTube, social media accounts, clock, videos and more.
  6. Clean and modern
    Today’s world is embracing technology. Replace the static directories and upgrade with an HD digital directory to create an eye-catching appealing directory for your commercial property.

Best Digital Directories

To help you make the choice for your digital directory we have defined the best practice design tips for making a digital directory. These tips will help you make a digital directory system that is easy to view, engaging, and effective.

  1. Selecting the right screen size
    The digital directory size screen all depends on the total number of tenants you have and want to display on the screen.
  2. Easy on the eyes
    The digital directory must be easy to see from distance. Make sure you choose the proper size font and style. Simple fonts that are clean and simple to read are a good choice for good visible digital directory systems.
  3. Digital directory listings
    When adding your tenants to the digital directory, you must make sure that there is a systematic format to the digital directory listing layout. Examples of this include show tenants by floor, alphabetically, or business categories.

Be sure to look for digital directory vendors that can create a customized one for your business.