Environmentally Friendly Features are Great to Find in Homes for Sale in Portland

by | Jul 17, 2012 | Real Estate

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Portland has received a strong reputation for being one of the country’s best cities when it comes to environmental protection. One way how this is being achieved is through the many homes for sale that people could see in Portland. There are many homes for sale within the city that offer different features that make them better on the planet. These choices have to work well if something is going to be taken in as a green home.

LEED Certification

One part of homes for sale that work with the planet in mind involves LEED certification. This is a standard that is used around the country for analyzing and certifying homes and other buildings as green buildings. It is a very strict system that more home builders around Portland have been using than ever before. There are several things that have to be done for a building to receive LEED certification. These include such things as:

* Rainwater harvesting

* Plumbing items that promote reduced water use in indoor areas like bathrooms or kitchens

* Recycled post-consumer materials around the physical body of the home

* Energy efficient heating and cooling materials with strong insulation

* A sustainable design in the construction process to help keep the environmental impact of a home at a minimum

* Close distances to mass transit services

Useful Appliances

Many homes are being designed with appliances that are made to work with less energy. Many homes are built to include Energy Star appliances that are capable of using less energy than other comparable devices. This is a popular feature of homes available for sale in Portland because it relates to the way how a home is designed with close and careful environmental considerations to keep it working well.

LED Lighting

The need to get a house ready to handle LED lighting is a necessity. LED lighting is used in homes because it lasts longer and is not going to use as much energy. The lack of a need to replace it too often makes it particularly useful because it reduces the waste in an area. A home that is wired to handle LED lights is always a great consideration to have.

Is Solar Available?

Of course, everyone talks about solar power when it comes to green buildings. There are many homes in Portland that have direct access to the sun’s rays and can handle a light very well. However, solar panels can be experience to build. Therefore, not all homes that are available with green standards in mind use solar panels. This does not mean a customer can’t find another party that is capable of installing these panels on a home so it can handle this energy.

The features of homes for sale in Portland that are better on the planet are important to find. Green properties have become big in Portland. The choices that are available for finding something of use are important to take a look at when getting into a site of strong interest because of the strong environmental standards that could be met by one of these green homes.